Smart Tweezers® and LCR-Reader Probe Connector in use

Smart Tweezers® / LCR-Reader Multifunction Probe Connector:

Extends LCR-Reader's Reach

Siborg's LCR-Reader Probe Shielded Two-Wire Connector allows to use LCR-Reader as a probe station. It also allows users to measure components that are beyond the tweezers allowable spread. The Connector is fully compatible with other tweezer-like meters in particular all models of Smart Tweezers®.

Probe Connector being used with aligator clips

The kit comes with 7 different kinds of probes; 2 alligator clips, 1 longer pin-probe, 1 medium pin-probe, 2 multimeter 4 mm jack plugs, 1 spade connector. Each tip screws into the end of the connector cable.

The LCR-Reader Probe Connector is simple to install: simply unscrew one of the gold-plated probes from LCR-Reader; place the flat side of the connector cable on the LCR-Reader's probe arms with the gold flex cable and the connector cable's flat end with two gold stripes. Return screws to the holes and start measuring.

attachments for the Probe Connector
1 long pin-probe
1 medium pin-probe
1 spade connector
2 alligator clips
2 4mm multimeter jacks
Cable Length: 60 cm

Now Available: Fine and Extra-Fine Pin Probes for LCR-Reader Probe Connector

Fine Pin Probe for LCR-Reader Probe ConnectorExtra Fine Pin Probe for LCR-Reader Probe Connector The LCR-Reader Store is now offering Fine Pin Probe (124 mm) and Extra-Fine Pin Probe (73 mm) attachments for the LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers® devices. These probes can be used with the LCR-Reader Probe Connector or 4 mm multimeter jacks. The probes offer long, sharp pin probes for more precision while using the LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers® as full probe stations. Note: the Fine and Extra-Fine Pin Probes are sold separately. LCR-Reader Probe Connector or wire not included.