Siborg Releases New Bent-Tips

A new optional replacement tip has been made available. This new design is more ergonomic than the straight-tip models by angling down toward a component or PCB, making it easier to hold the LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers device at a more horizontal level. All devices will still be equipped with straight-tips, with the bent-tip an additional purchase.

Ergonomic bent tweezer probesbenttipsshort


Siborg to Give a Presentation on LCR-Reader at Taitronics

On October 7th, at 11:30AM, Siborg Systems Inc. will be presenting the LCR-Reader at Taitronics: Taipei’s International Electronics Show.

The 20 minute presentation will cover details about the LCR-Reader, including the differences between LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers devices; the new calibration jig and the future of calibrating LCR-Reader, and the history of Smart Tweezers since its debut in the early 2000’s.

The presentation will offer insight to the Smart Tweezers brand as well as educate potential users to the simplicity and ease of LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers.

See the presentation at 11:30AM on October 7th, at Area I, 1F, TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall during Taitronics, and visit the LCR-Reader booth at J0301. We hope to see you there!