LCR-Reader-MPA Well Received at Nepcon

Siborg debuted their LCR-Reader-MPA all-in-one multitester at Nepcon Korea in May. The audience showed great interest in the devices availabilities to test with efficiency and high 0.1% basic accuracy.

“This was the first presentation of the new LCR-Reader-MPA. EMK Nepcon has been proven to be a great place for us to debut devices in the past and this year was no different. We heard a lot of feedback from people, mostly interested in the wide range of applications and high accuracy of the MPA” says Michael Obrecht, the director of Siborg.

Electronics Manufacturing Korea (EMK) has become a globally renowned exhibition for domestic and foreign buyers and is Korea’s largest electronics manufacturing exhibition. Siborg has debuted both LCR-Reader and LCR-Reader-MP at Nepcon in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

LCR-Reader-MPA is a different from traditional multimeters that require set-up and have long wire leads. MPA’s compact design that combines a set of tweezers with a powerful multimeter. When in contact with a component, MPA will automatically determine the type of component and best test parameters to use for the highest accuracy measurements. All measurements are done with 0.1% basic accuracy and are instantly shown on the OLED display, including any secondary values (ESR, Q, D).