New Model of Popular LCR-meter Enters the Stage of Implementation of the LCR-Reader-R2 Prototype

A new model of the LCR-Reader is in the works. The previous model, the LCR-Reader-R1 has been a well-selling device worldwide. The low price and high accuracy measurements is attractive to professionals and hobbyists alike, looking for an easy-to-use multimeter. Siborg is working on the LCR-Reader-R2 which includes a 0.1% basic accuracy and features a record high 300 kHz test freuqnecy. The new device will possibly have the ability to use 100 Ohm and 1 kOhm signal source impedance allowing abetter in-circuit testing.

LCR-Reader-R2 combines advantages of LCR-Reader-MP and LCR-Reader-MPA due to the ability of switching the test signal source resistance from 100 Ohms as in MPA to 1 kOhm as in MP. The latter strongly increases stability of measurements and works much better for in-circuit measurements. On the other hand, low source impedance effectively increases the actual test measurements. On the other hand, lower source impedance effectively increases the actual test signal applied to the component under test thus reducing the signal-to-noise ratio in some cases.

The device will also be able to test using a 300 kHz test frequency, due to the more advance CPU used. The higher frequency may allow to better measure sub 10 nH inductors.

Multimeter Summer Sale

Siborg is offering up to 30% off on many of their test devices, including LCR-Reader-MPA, LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers devices. The sale is available in the LCR-Reader Store and Amazon sales channels. The sale runs from August 10 to August 31st at 11:59 EST.

Siborg Presents MPA at Shanghai Nepcon Asia

Siborg took LCR-Reader-MPA to Nepcon Asia to show off their line of LCR-Reader multimeters with a focus on the MPA devices. Their newest business partner, AI-Rox Polytoronics, representing Siborg in China.

Nepcon Asia in Shenzhen showed great interest in the device. Many of the leading manufacturers come to the show looking for new and exciting technology; many showed great enthusiasm about testing unknown components with speed and accuracy. Most were excited about the large range of test options available on the device.

“There was a definitely a buzz from the audience. People were excited about fast and accurate measurements, no set-up and was also mentioned a lot. When we started presenting the device and mentioned that there would be a Bluetooth model in the future, people really got excited. Major manufacturing companies from Shenzhen were there and spoke highly of the ability to remotely record test measurements in real-time. This is a very practical ability for quality control.” says Director Michael Obrecht