Frequently Asked Questions

What models of Smart Tweezers® are available?

What is the LCR-Reader mostly used for?
LCR-Reader is an efficient device for identifying and measuring Surface Mount Technology (SMD). It is able to automatically determine the type of component and measure accordingly, saving time and effort on the user's part.

How accurate is LCR-Reader?
Typical basic accuracy is 0.5%. It was previously believed that the accuracy was closer to 1%, but Siborg had sent 4 randomly selected devices to Navair Technologies in Toronto, Ontario, for verification. Their results showed the basic accuracy to be closer to 0.5%.

Can LCR-Reader be used on a PCB circuit?
Yes, if the user understands the circuit, LCR-Reader can be used to test components on a PCB.

The battery discharges very quickly, what was done wrong?
The general reason for batteries to quickly deplete on the LCR-Reader is due to the device constantly measuring when it shouldn't be. This cold be caused by high frequency measurements (such as 10 kHz) or if the tips have been recently changed a piece of debris could be caught between the tips and the flex cable. To fix this problem, remove the tips and clean the flex, tips and screws with isopropyl alcohol.

Can LCR-Reader measure current?
No, the LCR-Reader is not able to measure voltage. Older Smart Tweezers® models offered this feature; the current Smart Tweezers® ST-5S does offer diode and continuity testing.

LCR-Reader automatically turns off too quickly. Sometimes it hinders me from my work.
LCR-Reader is designed to turn off after 30 seconds of not being used. Unfortunately, this feature can not be changed.

I prefer to keep tweezers in my left hand. Is LCR-Reader only for right handed-use?
Sort of, though the device is operable with both hands, the screen orientation can only be changed on Smart Tweezers® models.

Does LCR-Reader come with a calibration certificate?
No, the LCR-Reader is pre-calibrated before it reaches the customer. NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates are available for purchase in the LCR-Reader Store. The Certificate must be purchased at the same time as the device.

Is LCR-Reader design patented?
The patent is in force in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India

Why would I need an extra pair of tips for the LCR-Reader?
The LCR-Reader’s tips are gold plated which can wear out over time. The quality of the surface being touched will effect the lifespan, but they usually last about 2-3 years with moderate usage. Worn out tips may effect readings.

I've replaced the tips on my LCR-Reader but now the device shows a measurement and won't turn off. Why?
There are a few reasons as to why the device won't turn off. You can read a helpful guide as to how to remove these false measurements here.

What if my LCR-Reader needs replacement parts besides the tips, such as a screen or battery?
You can buy all sorts of accessories and replacement parts at the LCR-Reader Store. If you are unsure of what model of device you have, you can look at the Smart Tweezers® Catalog. There is an online repair guide available here.

Where can I purchase an LCR-Reader?
LCR-Readers are available on the LCR-Reader Store, on,, Amazon Europe sales channels