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Whats in the box

What Comes with LCR-Reader?

LCR-Reader comes with a hard-shelled carrying case, quickstart guides, and a flier with specifications. Siborg is now offering NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates when you buy your device and a certificate together in the LCR-Reader Store

LCR-Reader Charger

The LCR-Reader is charged using a micro-USB connection

LCR Reader Display

Bright OLED Display

The LCR-Reader's embedded OLED display is easy to read even in dimly lit environments

Comfortable to hold and use

The lightweight device is easy and comfortable to hold and operate

lcr usb top


The LCR-Reader is only about 10cm long; this photo compares the size using a standard USB stick.

straight tipsBent Tips


The LCR-Reader comes equipped with straight tips, while bent tips can be bought as an extra


Measurement Modes

When LCR-Reader's button is pushed, the device will cycle through measurement modes

Calibration fixture for LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers®

Calibration Jig

A new calibration jig has been created for testing all Smart Tweezers® and LCR-Reader models. Read more about it here

LCR-Reader Documents

LCR-Reader ManualLCR-Reader Manual

Manual wordLCR-Reader Manual (Word Format)

LCR Reader Quickstart GuideLCR-Reader Quickstart Guide

LCR-Reader FlierLCR-Reader Flier with Specifications

LCR-Reader NewsPress Releases and News

LCR-Reader AdLCR-Reader Basic Flier

Smart Tweezers® Comparison ChartLCR-Reader vs. Smart Tweezers® Models

LCR Reader Quick Start GuideLCR-Reader Poster

LCR Reader FlierLCR-Reader Flier