LCR-Reader Pro

Siborg's LCR-Reader Professional Task Kit is a combination of a pre-calibrated LCR-Reader, NIST traceable calibration certificate, spare bent gold-plated tweezer probes, extra battery and micro-USB cable and wall charger.

Over the past year, Siborg has worked on a new calibration fixture for LCR-Reader and newer models of Smart Tweezers devices. This calibration fixture was completed and sent to one of Canada's top calibration houses for verification. Once verified, Siborg was able to begin offering traceable calibration certificates for the LCR-Reader; the lack of traceable calibration was the main reason it was overlooked by professionals in the past.

LCR-Reader Professional is available in the LCR-Reader Store, and Siborg's Amazon sales channels:,,, and
Please note: LCR-Reader Pro sold on Amazon does not come with spare battery, and has European channels have a European charger included