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Finally Available: LCR-Reader-R2

LCR-Reader-R2 from Siborg Systems Inc. with 250 kHz test frequency and Analog Signature Analysis Buy Now

New Device Offers 250 kHz Test Frequency and Analog Signature Analysis

The latest model in the LCR-Reader family, the LCR-Reader-R2. This new multimeter is based on the MPA model with the ability to test at 250 kHz frequency and includes a new feature, Analog Signature Analysis.

The new R2 uses a different and more powerful MCU than the MPA model, allowing to process measurements at higher frequencies. R2 also has increased stability over other models, due to the ability to switch the test signal source resistance from 100 Ohms to 1.4 kOhms. The higher source resistance reduces noise when measuring small resistances.

LCR-Reader-R2 with Analog Signature Analysis

Analog Signature Analysis is a circuit board troubleshooting technique that uses an AC sine wave across two points of an electronic component or circuit. The resulting waveform is displayed using voltage for the x axis and current as the y axis. The displayed signature is then comparable to a known good circuit board or component to determine the health of the tested board or component.

When the R2 was originally announced, it was said to have a 300 kHz test frequency; after some testing, this value was found to be too high without sacrificing test accuracy. Instead, in order to offer a 0.1% basic accuracy, the test frequency was lowered to 250 kHz. This test frequency, along with the change is source resistance, which is important while testing small capacitances and inductances and during in-circuit testing.

Major differences between LCR-Reader-R2 and LCR-Reader-MPA is the removal of Oscilloscope, AC/DC current and voltage measurements up to 15 V and the Frequency meter.

Manuals and Information

LCR-Reader-R2 quickstartLCR-Reader-R2 Quickstart guide
LCR-Reader-R2 ManualLCR-Reader-R2 Manual


LCR-Reader-R2 display showing 250 kHz test frequency