LCR-Reader to be Shown at Produktronika in Munich

Siborg Systems Inc.’s affiliates KIT, Germany, and Bokar International, USA, are taking the new LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers ST-5 to Germany to be shown at Produktronika.

A few batches of the new LCR-Reader are now available from Bokar International, Van Device Ltd. in Japan, Russian Sanata-Tech, and Advance Tech, India.

“We are not sure how popular the new device will be. It is always hard to predict the market. But we are hearing good responses from our European distributors and therefore we are going to present LCR-Reader at Produktronika in Munich in November. Meet us at KIT Kroschewski Industrie Technik GmbH.” says the CEO at Bokar International, Czes Ruskowski.