LCR-Reader-MPA Presented at Nepcon Vietnam

Siborg presented the LCR-Reader-MPA at Nepcon Vietnam to an enthusiastic audience. The devices’ capabilities were well received and the booth had many visitors.

Nepcon’s visitors were impressed by what LCR-Reader-MPA can do. THe booth saw may visitors, many showing interest in the whole line of LCR-Reader, including the flagship device. The LCR-Reader line was created in 2014 as a budget alternative to the Smart Tweezers line of devices. The first model only offered a 0.5% basic accuracy and automatic measurements; users are able to change the test mode but not much else. Siborg released LCR-Reader-MP in 2017 as a bridge between LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers. The MP offered a 0.1% basic accuracy and a range of features that rivaled the Smart Tweezers devices.

“The crowd was excited,” says the Director of Siborg, “the booth saw many visitors, many who mentioned they were very interested in the devices abilities. Among the visitors were many representatives from world leading companies including Toyota, Samsung and Panasonic. The announced Bluetooth model also attracted a lot of attention. The ability to save time, not only with quick and easy measurements, but also by remotely recording the values.”

LCR-Reader-MPA is offers the highest basic accuracy of 0.1% out of all Siobrg’s devices. It also offers a wide range of test features, including 100 kHz test frequency level, oscilloscope mode, LED/diode testing and more.

Siborg now offers a Bluetooth enabled model that can remotely send measurement values to PC or Android device. The measurement results are recorded in a comma-separated string of values and are instantly sent in real time to software, such as the LCR-MPA Bluetooth Logger program or NI LabView. The data can be saved to a database or spreadsheet for later analysis.

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